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The Showroom Window

September 07, 2017

For those in Manhattan, a stroll past our storefront window will entice you to come in to see our extensive line of lighting solutions. For those who are reading this, we welcome your visit our entire website, which showcases our most popular products. 

In the Products section, you will find an extensive collection of award-winning extrusion-based lighting. Extrusion-based lighting began with halogen line-voltage development in the 1970's. With the advent of LED technology, new dramatic lighting solutions are feasible.

Our Featured Products in the storefront window and our website are just samples of the custom solutions available for your installations.

We continue to drive towards excellence in our market. 

Located in the modernist Modulightor building, 246 East 58th Street in New
York City, MODULIGHTOR encapsulates the essence of the concept in physical space and in the shop's creations for clients. 

We welcome you to MODULIGHTOR!

Paul Rudolph's Living Room

May 01, 2015

For an article in last week's NY Magazine Zack McKown of TsAO & McKOWN Architects selected Paul Rudolph's living room as his favorite 'room of all time.'  The legendary Beekman Place abode is often remembered for its remarkable definition of space with planes and structural elements that seem to float in the air.

Zack says, "And though the design looks so new, it really fits into the older building" (that Paul Rudolph renovated.) Although the interior is not publicly accessible go see the exterior at 24 Beekman Place on Manhattan's east side. Take a stroll on the East 51st Street Pedestrian crossing or visit the park for a rear view of the townhouse. It's worth the walk!

New York Magazine       TsOA & McKOWN

NY Magazine photo: Peter Aaron