Linear Pendants LP97

Minulux HR Cupola

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Linear Pendants - Minulux HR Cupola - 1


Ceiling -or- Soffit-mounted

  • Linear Pendant Up-Light
  • Minilux HR—approximately “Half Round” extrusion shape, with Oblique ends
  • Any length
  • Any number of dome-shaped Cupola “heads” (each is approx. 6-1/2” diameter)
  • No transformer or driver necessary
  • Dimmable


  • White
  • Black
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Polished Nickel
  • Bronze Powder Coat "Flat"
  • Brushed Golden Brass
  • Polished Golden Brass
Click here for more details on available finishes.


Length: almost any length—Please specify in units-of-an-inch [Note: lengths over 12 feet will require a discrete seam]

Drop (the distance FROM face-of-ceiling TO bottom-of-fixture):

  • Standard Drops: are approximately 12” or- approximately 18”
  • Custom Drops: are available with an up-charge
  • Minimum and Maximum Drops: If a drop is too short, one will see strong “hot spots” on the ceiling—and 18” is the approximate minimum drop to avoid that. BUT: if the drop is too large, the distance might cause an insufficient amount of light to bounce off the ceiling. When an average good drop is wanted, then approximately 18” seems to be best, and that can be extended to about 24” (Though designers sometimes specify drops which are larger than that.)
  • Adjustable Drops: We can provide Custom Drops (whose components allow for field-trimming).

NOTE: All dimensions are approximate.

Light Sources

JD Halogen lamps
Base: Bayonet, double-contact base, BA15d
130 Volts
50 or 75 Watts (each lamp)
No transformer necessary

JD Krypton lamps (Blocks UV)
Base: Bayonet, double-contact base, BA15d
120 Volts
20, 40 or 60 Watts (each lamp)
No transformer necessary

LED lamps may be available — Check with us for availability.

NOTE: Fixtures are provided with a set of lamps (or, if specified or integral to the fixture’s design, with LED’s), as specified by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that their selection is compatible with their wiring, power, switching, and dimming system.

Mounting Methods

  • MM01A (suspended by stems, and hardwired through a stem—with screws visible)
  • MM01B (suspended by stems, and hardwired through a stem—with No screws visible) – the most typically specified mounting

NOTE: Fixtures will be provided for installation with normal mounting conditions. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that they have selected a fixture and mounting method which complies with local codes (L.A.H.J.) and that they are installing the fixture in an approved manner.

Specify to Order


We’ll be happy to help you with these specifications!

  • Finish
  • Length — tip-to-tip of the extrusion (specified in units of an inch) Note: lengths over 12 feet will require a discrete seam
  • Number of dome-shaped Cupola “heads”
  • Drop (the approximate distance FROM face-of-ceiling-or-soffit TO bottom-of-fixture). A frequently used drop is approximately 18” [The drop should be a minimum of 12” for good lighting quality—and larger drops (up to 24”) can give even better light quality.]
  • Mounting method
  • Shape of the mounting plate: Square or Round
  • End condition: Straight end -or- 45 degree Slanted-Up end (Note: not available in black, white, or bronze)
  • Lamp type: Halogen -or- Krypton
  • Lamps: wattage (of each lamp)