Products > Track and Spot Lights > Track Elements > TE01 Minilux 'Track'

  • Square shaped extrusion used as a track-like element

The same extrusion we use throughout our fixture line can be mounted directly to a surface.

Match with Track Points to creat a track-like fixture.

Advantages over track: Variety of finishes to match luminaries, no mounting hardware or screws to clips like traditional track systems.  A much cleaner, sleeker look.

This system does now allow for luminaries to be repositioned or added & removed as in true track fixtures.

System may be electrified by BX Feed (when code allows,) plugged-in, or hardwired to an electrical box. Transformer may be necessary depending on the Track Point luminary chosen. 

  • Standard
    Polished Chrome
    Polished Golden Brass
  • Non-Standard
    Polished Nickel (4 feet seams)
    Bronze Powder Coat "Flat"