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  • Rectangular Up Light chandelier

Minilux = almost square extrusion shape

Specify overall dimensions to define a square or rectangle. (Custom angles are available for an upcharge - to define a trapezoid or parrallelogram. - Please inquire.)

Dimensions up to 144" on each side without a seam. (Some non-standard finishes require seam at shorter lengths.)

20" minimum per side.

Specify mounting method - hanging from "Aircraft Wire" with a "Bicycle Cable" electrical feed or traditional stems and canopies.

Specify drop - minimum of about 12" overall for best light quality (greater drop = better light - up to about 24")


  • Standard
    Polished Chrome
    Polished Golden Brass
  • Non-Standard
    Polished Nickel (4 feet seams)
    Bronze Powder Coat "Flat"
  • LED Board - 2700K or 3000K
    120 Volts
    13 Watts
  • JD Halogen
    120 Volts
    50, 75 Watts
  • JD Krypton (Blocks UV)
    120 Volts
    60 Watts