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Need a custom fixture for your project?
Want something special?
Or maybe you’re solving an unusual problem?

Modulightor’s system is “Designed to be Designed”

Adaptable & Effective, — Modular & Scalable — Flexible & Creative

Similar to the Lego approach, our components can be combined in almost infinite ways—and we have a variety of:

  • Shapes
  • Configurations
  • Finishes
  • Ways of controlling light
  • Lamps & Light sources
  • Sizes
  • Switching & wiring techniques
  • Mounting Methods

So imagine what we can create for you—and what problems we can solve together!

Next Steps: please feel welcome to discuss your concept or situation with our experienced staff. We’ll look at it carefully, and let you know what’s possible, practical, and economical to build within our system of components—and maybe we’ll have some interesting suggestions!


Below is the range of Modulightor’s standard finishes.

Most of our fixtures can be made in all of these finishes—and we can probably apply any of them to the fixture design you have in mind.

  • White
  • Black
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Polished Nickel
  • Bronze Powder Coat "Flat"
  • Brushed Golden Brass
  • Polished Golden Brass
Click here for more details on available finishes.


Our system of components can be combined in almost infinite ways—so fixture size is very flexible.

We can sometimes vary the actual length of our components (by custom cutting them for you)—and that allows the creation of fixtures that will carefully fit into the particular setting you’re designing.

Light Sources

Light sources can vary enormously—and when working on your custom design, we can discuss which sources might work for your application.
Modulightor offers several types of light sources:

  • LED’s “boards”: these are custom-engineered and manufactured for us—they’re elegantly slender modules which fit into our art lights, wall washers, and other fixtures
  • Incandescent lamps (“bulbs”): Halogen, Krypton, and Xenon (each available in various wattages, bases, and shapes)
  • LED lamps (MR16 type): from Soraa: these are line-voltage lamps, which deliver wonderful & abundant light, yet use very little wattage, and emit less heat than “bulbs”
  • LED lamps which are currently under development by Modulightor: they’ll have a light output that’s comparable to Halogen bulbs—yet use less energy

NOTE: Fixtures are provided with a set of lamps (or, if specified or integral to the fixture’s design, with LED’s), as specified by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that their selection is compatible with their wiring, power, switching, and dimming system.

Mounting Methods

Whatever “mounting” is chosen, it has to accomplish several things, including:

1. getting power to the fixture

2. holding the fixture securely

3. be visually pleasing and/or unobtrusive

Modulightor uses a variety of mounting methods—from our neat “Screws Invisible” mounting (which is very popular for use with our art lights and sconces) -TO- hanging chandeliers from rigid stems, cables, or power cords.
When designing a custom fixture, let us know what you have in mind for the mounting—or we can suggest some possibly suitable methods.

NOTE: Fixtures will be provided for installation with normal mounting conditions. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that they have selected a fixture and mounting method which complies with local codes (L.A.H.J.) and that they are installing the fixture in an approved manner.

Drawings and Files


Specify to Order


We’ll be happy to help you with these specifications!

  • Overall Design / Shape (sending a sketch is always a great way to start)
  • Any Special Requirements or Features?
  • Finish
  • Dimensions
  • Mounting Method
  • Light Source: which general type? (LED’s, lamps, etc…)
  • Light Source: base or socket type (if applicable)
  • Light Source: color temperature
  • Light Source: wattage
  • Light Source: voltage
  • Switching (in case there are any special requirements; For example: if different parts of the fixture should be separately switched)