What does Track mean

Some people use the word "track" in reference to fixtures that MODULIGHTOR would call Linear Pendants (LP & WW) or Linear Sconces (LS & AL). Be clear about the intended function of the fixture when specifying. Is the goal general, ambient illumination? - An even wash of light across a surface, whether it be art or architecture?

True track fixtures use spot lights which are great for getting a lot of light from point A to B, but will not produce an even wash of light over a large surface area. If one's perspective is between those points A & B, glare or shadow may hinder the desired light quality. 

Nine times out of ten when the word 'track' is used while browsing at MODULIGHTOR, the product selected will be one of our extrusion based linear fixture types cited above.

Posted 09/16/2014 Julien Aleksandres