Track versus Wall Washer

Track fixtures can be great when a client wants to display an ever changing art collection - Sometimes many small items / sometimes one large item. Sometimes items here / other times items over there. Track fixtures can work well for that. However, track fixtures are almost always by definition using Spot luminaries.

Spot lights provide a SPOT of light. Round or elliptical - depending on the aiming angle. Galleries will shape the round patterns with lenses and elements that block off rounded edges ('barn doors' and the like.) Or sometimes you really just see overlapping round shapes of light.

To provide a smooth, even wash of light specify a Wall Washer (or a wall-mounted Art Light). If the wall is illuminated evenly, the art will be, too. And the fixture is a much simpler, less intrusive form in the space than a line with multiple 'heads' along its length. Less visual clutter and more even light.

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Posted 02/23/2012 Julien Aleksandres