Stella Variations

New designs often arise from our 'pieces and parts' approach to building fixtures with standardized componentry.

Stems typically used to project Art Lights from a wall or to drop pendants from the ceiling are put together around a sphere to form our Stella series chandeliers and sconces - which lots of people refer to as 'Sputniks'. The half-Stella sconce or ceiling mounted fixture was itself a later inspiration from the original full-sphere chandeliers.

Lead fabricator Tim Clarke in our shop devised a table top model, TB130 - I call it the 'Orb'. Here seen with an integral transformer in the base which, if remoted would allow for a marble base. Mounted through a bar or table top - no base at all! A long list of line-voltage lamp and socket options (including compact fluorescent) also give many choices to update this classic form.

Posted 03/22/2012 Julien Aleksandres