Specifying Projection for Art Lighting

We percieve light as a relationship of contrasts.

The further an Art Light or a Wall Washer projects from a wall the better the light quality will be percieved. Light will reach the floor with any projection,but a smaller projection will increase the amount of contrast between a bright band of light at the top that fades off at the bottom. To minimize the amount of contrast and thereby improve the evenness of light over the art or wall or cabinetry surface - increase projection.

For Art Lights we suggest 12" - 18" projections; Wall Washers should be installed 16" - 24" from the wall.

If a smaller projection is necessary, such as in a corridor or stairwell, specify the HRL shaped fixtures AL03 or WW03 . The HRL shape will allow the fixture to be directed straight down without too much glare from the exposed lamps on the underside of the fixture. An 8" Overall projection (using our standard 6" stems or arms) is the least we recommend.

Posted 02/09/2012 Julien Aleksandres