Lighting Terminology

LAMP is a bulb; we reference a Light Fixture when speaking about a "Floor Light" or an "Art Light" - not a 'lamp.' Lamps are the bulbs that give light.

A lamp is a LUMINARY - an object that gives light. An assembly of a lamp in a glass or metal sheild is a luminary. Luminaries do not have to be electrical - a candle or a candle-in-candle-holder-assembly is also called 'luminary.'

A LUMINAIRE is an electric light fixture. Luminaires may contain one or more luminaries. A non-electric chandelier is NOT a luminaire, (but it would consist of several luminaries.)

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode (explained more fully later.) Not bulbs necessarily, though there are now many LED replacement lamps. An LED is alwasy a 'luminary' though a strip of LEDs together or a constellation of LEDs in a single bulb should all be thought of as a luminary in total.

The definitive MODULIGHTOR light fixtures are made from EXTRUSION - a linear tube. Ours are open on one side, which allows for the insertion of modular componentry: luminaries that consist of lamps and reflectors, et cetera.

Posted 04/04/2013 Julien Aleksandres