Halogen versus Krypton Lamps

MODULIGHTOR extrusion based fixtures (Wall Washers, Art Lights, et cetera) have socket assemblies that use a JD Dual Contact / Bayonette style base. The socket can accept lamps up to 75 Watts. Remember that lamp selection is critical to your overall lighting scheme, so defaulting to the highest wattage for maximum brightness is not always the best choice. Please consider control options when specifying wattage in larger fixtures with a lot of lamps, for instance.

Our JD Halogen lamps come in two wattages, 50 & 75, and are 130 Volt lamps. When using with 110 / 120 Volt power supply (as is typical) a 130 Volt lamp will essentially be dimmed; therefore the lamp life will be extended and it will provide a warmer light color.

The JD Krypton lamps are available in 20, 40, & 60 Watt increments. For most purposes the 40 and 60 Watt lamps provide the right amount of light. As they are 120 Volt lamps, with 110/120 Volt power the light will be whiter than a halogen. Although the lamp life will not be extended due to the voltage discrepency, Krypton lamps have a longer rated life expectancy than the Halogens. Krypton lamps are not halogens so rather than being encased in quartz, they're in glass, giving them the added benefit of UV protection - perfect for art!

Remember that Wattage is an expression of how much energy is used, but is corolary to brightness within the same lamp type, so for the above bulbs it is correct to say that a 75W is brighter than a 60W and so forth.

Posted 09/17/2014 Julien Aleksandres