Feed Too Close to Wall

To get a really good wash of light down the vertical surface of a wall it's best to mount the fixture on the ceiling 18" - 30" from the wall to be illuminated. (But consider whether bulbs can be seen from other side, as from a traffic path.) An electrical box closer to the wall than recommended which cannot be moved would potentially create a very unwelcome light quality from an otherwise fantastic fixture.

An innovative use of our standard parts can get the fixture to a proper distance. We almost always have a solution to the lighting problem!

This same type of modified mounting is useful in a lot of other situations, too. When you have an issue like this give us a call and we'll think it through.

Design: Robert Djerejian, AIA

Photo: Julien Aleksandres

NOTE: Our dear friend and close neighbor Mr. Djerejian passed away last year. He was a great man and I miss his youthful spirit. We were very fortunate to have him as customer.

Posted 04/05/2012 Julien Aleksandres