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246 East 58th Street New York, NY 10022
Tel: (212) 371-0336 / Fax: (212) 371-0335
Email: sales@modulightor.com

Le Corbusier created the architectural "Modulor" concept, a proportional vocabulary that responds to the human scale.
Back in the seventies Paul Rudolph, the great modernist architect - amiss of choices from the lighting industry - was a formative force for Modulightor: he thought of a correlating concept in lighting: A source that would be able to create lighting solutions that are corresponding to situation specific requirements in terms of design, amount of light, dimensions, proportions and finishes etc..
A few decades have passed and Modulightor has developed a rich line of products; and it is still doing so - the challenges are myriad.

A modular - adaptable - creative concept of lighting fixture fabrication that is unparalleled in it's adaptability and versatility, offering architects and designers a myriad of customized design combinations and creative lighting solutions. Modulightor products can be tailored to a given situation specific requirement. With the Modulightor design system you can select from our standard models as well as customize your lighting needs to create a custom solution for your architectural space and concept. The forte of our production capabilities is the engineered component systems which allow the designer to create and shape lighting that addresses your situation specific requirements.

Choose from our collection of 'standard' models as shown on this web site, then specify your requirements and we will fabricate the product to your specifications dimensions, finish, light quality, electric feed etc.

Our presentation on this site shows one example of the many possible solutions of each fixture system. Often we fabricate - via mixing and matching, in a lego-like fashion-, all kinds of other fixture variations that help the designer to solve a lighting problem by creating a fixture meeting your special needs. Our staff will be happy to explain the possibilities and limitations of each particular system. A stream of product possibilities can be fabricated from our product line, custom designed to your situation specific requirements in terms of:

- Lighting Tasks
- Lighting Moods And Intensities
- Luminaries
- Lengths
- Dimensions
- Configurations
- Finishes

Our collection of standardized Modulightor lighting components is the foundation of our lighting systems. The designer can, with Modulightor's standardized parts and custom fabrication capabilities, design and achieve, at a relatively economic cost, a product which is what it wants to be, without running typically towards outer- space prices for custom fixtures.

Modulightor, Inc. Maintains an array of in-house engineered aluminum extrusions. Each extrusion can function as a wire raceway, as well as a compartment or support for specific luminaires. This modular component system offers a wide range of products, which can be fabricated to your design requirements and desired lighting effects, finishes and dimensions. Individual stock extrusions come in twelve-foot lengths and are available in up to 8 finishes, cut to your requirements. A wide array of lighting components, including a large variety of luminaries, light bulbs, shades, and finishes can be utilized to define the fixture's formulation.

This web site illustrates individual examples of Modulightor product types presented to you as a starting point for your vision. Bring to Modulightor your ideas, concepts, your requirements and needs inspired from our on-line catalogue. Your design or ours. It is lighting designed to be designed! Lighting made for you.

The Modulightor Building at 246 East 58th Street, New York, was designed by Paul Rudolph in 1989. It houses the showrooms of:

1. MODULIGHTOR, INC. - www.modulightor.com

2. The COLLECTIONS GALLERY - www.collectionsgallery.us
- Showroom hours: Monday to Friday 9:00AM-5:30PM
- (web site currently under construction)

3. The PAUL RUDOLPH FOUNDATION - www.PaulRudolph.org

Its premises can be rented for events and are accessible to Design School classes!

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The residential premises - a 3000sf Duplex with terrace and Jacuzzi - may be visited free of charge by design school classes.

The apartment also can be rented for events, gatherings and photoshoots etc..

Capacity: about 100 people

For information please contact Ernst Wagner @ (917) 498-5827 or email: ernst@modulightor.com

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