Ernst Wagner

MODULIGHTOR, Founder & President 

Founded in 1976 in partnership with Paul Rudolph, MODULIGHTOR’s President and creative force, Ernst Wagner, has been at the confluence of lighting technology and design in custom installations in New York and around the world.

For over 40 years, their vision for modular, scalable, and adaptable lighting systems — all based on Rudolph’s observations on light and its relationship to space, form and surface – are available in a range of extrusion-based fixtures.

MODULIGHTOR remains a vital experimental place, where innovative technological and other ideas are fermenting. MODULIGHTOR is a pioneer of driver-less LED technology, just as we were in transformer-less halogen in the 1970's. Our advancements allow for unique scalability.

Please take a moment to appreciate our new website, which showcases our full range of solutions for LED and halogen light sources and product ideas.

Rudolph, the architect, saw a need for situation-specific lighting — something that was not being addressed by the lighting industry available at the time — and his insights led the way to creating lighting solutions that continue to be unique in the industry.

Paul Rudolph’s original vision continues at MODULIGHTOR.